Royal Texstrong is the US distributor for Extrong, an oil and gas equipment supplier. For more information, please visit or click on the picture above.

The first pet store opened on (the online department of the Shanghai free-trade zone).  Four Foot Kingdom (also known as PawSky) offers top quality pet care products and supplements.  Through the KJT online platform, Four Foot Kingdom offers leading international brand names directly to Chinese customers.  Click on the logo above to visit the store.

Royal Texstrong is the US partner of Aeolus Pets, a leading supplier and manufacturer for a wide range of pet supplies.  For more information, please visit or simply click the picture above.

Genie-Robot  specializes in integrating R&D, manufacturing, and sales of press technology products, machine vision as well as non-standard automation equipment.  Royal Texstrong is the Genie-Robot's US partner and distributor.  Visit their website at or click on the picture above.

Royal Texstrong

Royal Texstrong LLC is a sales and distribution company based in Dallas Texas that works with its overseas partners to establish and grow their business in the US.